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29 november 2018 SkyLite GT First Edition (New!) See the world from your seat with comfort and luxury
Offering superb panoramic view. Suitable for every climate,. Now available on Mercedes-Benz and Ford Transit basis, as a 16 seater "SkyLite GT First Edition", with full double glazing and a wide variety options

19 oktober 2018 Second Paniramic cabrio on MB 519 Sprinter basis, for Sightseeing Roma 
12 oktober 2018 TOP VIEW 
10 oktober 2018 Panoramic convertible in the UK 

03 oktober 2018 Second cabrio on Mercedes Sprinter 519 basis for Siedler Thill from Luxembourg  
30 augustus 2018 City Tour Nantes 

03 augustus 2018 Sightseeing Bergen (Norway) gets its first Sunrise Cabrio
30 juli 2018 NOW 100% ELECTRIC! 
04 juli 2018 MIAMI OPEN 
22 juni 2018 3 x Panoramique for Adrian Sunset 
Omnibus-Trading, will launch its brand new 28-33 seater Sundancer 3 on Mercedes-Benz 10.24L Atego chassis, as a so called full optioned "First Edition", which will be available in a limited number starting from August 2018. The Sundancer 3 should be considered as the successor of the succesfull 30 seater Sunrider and should at the same also be a suitable alternative for the 28 seater Sunrise, on Iveco Daily 70C17 chassis, which is currently the only midibus available with a G.V.W. till 7.2 tn. Specual to this coach built Atego based midi, is the fact that the front engine is located nearly outside the cabine, which makes the noise level of a differend level, comparing with the traditional and previous Atego based midibusses, as well as the modern exterior design which matches the Mercedes Sprinter. Therefor, the new Sundancer offers a new level of overall comfort, to passengers and driver, which is currently only available in the RHD version in the UK and Ireland.
29 maart 2018 GRAND TOUR of SWITZERLAND 
From palm-lined lakeshores to sparkling glaciers, from medieval vilages to buzzing cities - the Grand Tour of Switzerland packs in an incredible number of sights. This concentration of attractions is unrevalled worlwide. Discover Switserland at your own pace on a road trip with a 20 seater "Panoranmique Cabrio on Mercedes 519 Sprinter basis or wit a 8 seater "Sunny" Cabrio on Mercedes 316 Sprinter basis 
05 januari 2018 CONVERTIBLE IN THE SNOW 
20 november 2017 New, Sunrider, the 40 seater midibus cabrio on MAN TGL 12.250 front engine chassis 

Available from April 2018, the new 40 seater Sunrider Midibus cabrio with retractable hardtop cabrio roof hatch is in full swing. This cabrio is based on the MAN TGL 12.250 front engined chassis. Standard equiped, with reclining coach seats, double doors, luggage compartment, audio, dvd, Telma, double airco, Webasto combustion heater, air suspension, Sunrider is suitable for almost any kind of passenger transport, especially well suited for "Hop on Hop off" services. Sunrider is now the largest cabrio bus with hardtop roof hatch, by far.
16 juli 2017 This is how it works 
14 juli 2017 Swiss Post Auto is back with a convertible 
Restoring a 100-year old tradition, driving through the Alps with an open roof, will be possible again with Swiss Post Auto. 
13 juli 2017 Ahora tambien Barcelona 
Panoramique, is now also in operation in Barcelona, where this very special one recently was handed over to its new customer. This version was ordered with the coach-look rear and rear luggage capacity.
13 juli 2017 SkyLite  Light
SkyLite, is from now on also available as a Light version with side sliding door on Mercedes panel van basis
06 juni 2017 Lets go to San Francisco 
Recently receved Shuttle of America its first Panoramique cabrio bus on Mercedes 519 Sprinter basis. Built and delivered through Caleche USA, this one will be put in operation in down town San Francisco for sightseeing purposes.
06 juni 2017 SkyLite Iveco Daily
Complementary to the Panoramique cabrio Caleche presents the SkyLite on Iveco Daily 70C17 chassis. This version is provided with a fixed (not retractable) glass roof and panoramic side glazaing all with double glazed E glass, which offers, in combination with a balanced airco and heating system a superb passnger comfort, even under the most extreme weather conditions. SkyLite is available up till 30 seats.
29 maart 2017 Sunny-L, 9 seater with panoramic frontwindow and electr operating entrance door 
06 maart 2017 Royal visit
Queen Mathilde of Belgium and Queen Rania of Jordania visited Brugge, (Belgium) with the Panoramique convertible of Sightseeing Brugge  
04 maart 2017 Back to black 
03 maart 2017 HAT TRICK 
3 barnd new Panoramique convertibles in one order for Louisiana Motor Coach , built and delibered by Caleche USA
27 februari 2017 The new Sunrise 30 seater all weather convertible. Now also available with rear under floor wheel chair lift

26 februari 2017 Panoramique for Washington DC 
First of two (made in the USA) Panoramique convertibles ready for delivery for Washington DC s DCT Rails on Tour, through Caleche USA 
25 februari 2017 London calling for its first 21 seater panoramique convertible 
First 21 seater Panoramique convertible minibus as a RHD version has recently been delivered by UK dealer EVM to Big Bus Tours of London
24 februari 2017 First 21 seater panoramiue convertible for Sightseeing Roma 
recently delivered in cooperation with Italian partner Tomassini, a 21 seater Panoramique convertible on Mercedes Sprinter 519 with theater seating 
18 september 2016 9 seater Sunny 4x4 for wine tours in Nappa Valley 
Built in the USA by Caleche, is the newly  delivered 4x4 Sunny convertible minibus for 9 passengers, offer the ultimate scenery view for Wine Country: Nappa Valley
16 september 2016 new 21 seater Panoramique convertible on MB 519 platform for Weimar 
Recently Belvedere Stadrunfahrten received its brand new 21 seater panoramique convertible on MB 519 basis, offering the ultimate view in the German city of Weimar 
28 september 2015  "PANORAMIQUE" ready for Birmingham

Calèche & EVM are proud to present their new partnership together with their first 19 seats convertible. EVM will focus on the U.K, irish and Australian market where they believe there is a market for a convertible minibus that allows operators to provide tours all-year-long thanks to the roof system’s panoramic capabilities regardless of the weather conditions or climate.


Calèche just delivered the first 19 seats “Panoramique" and 8 seats “Sunny" convertible to our Swiss partner Bushandel.ch AG.
The partnership between Calèche and Bushandel.ch AG has proven to benefit from a good start with an additional 8 seats Sunny L and another 19 seats Panoramique having been ordered and awaiting delivery.
According to reactions from demonstrations and operation in the field, both swiss business owners and passengers seem to love the concept which allows them to enjoy the beautiful sights their country has to offer without having to rely on the weather.

The Panoramique is based on the 519 Mercedes-Benz sprinter chassis and comes with the following equipment as standard:
  • Electrically Retractable panoramic roof.
  • Reclining Sege Seats.
  • Double airconditioning.
Sunrise 25-28 seater Touring version, now offered as a Limited Edition 2014 at Euro 99.900,--
Sunrise, 25-28 seater Touring version on Iveco Daily 70C17 euro 6 chassis, now offered as a Limited Edition 2014, at euro 99.900,-- / incl.ALL options / Limited number available / trade in guarantee / 7 years warranty aganst rust / order deadline: 31-10-2014 / delivery deadline: 30-04-2015
29 augustus 2014 Sundancer, 31 seater Touring version, now offered as a  Limited Edition 2014 at euro 139.900,--

Sundancer 31 seater Touring version on Mercedes-Benz 1222L Atego  euro 6 chassis, now offered as a Limited Edition 2014, at euro139.900,-- / incl.ALL options / Limited number available / trade in guarantee // order deadline: 31-10-2014 / delivery deadline: 30-04-2015

26 april 2014 Busworld Istanbul 2014
Together with production partner Ugur Karoser at Busworld Istanbul 2014. Successfull presentation of the 32 setater Sunrise Cabrio and 28-32 seater Sunirse Touring midi (both on Iveco Daily 70C17 chassis) and the new 23 setare Mixline on MB 516-510 Sprinter platform.
"Le Panoramique", the new 20-seater convertible minibus on MB Sprinter van platform 
As the successor to the Sunset Cabrio, which was built with an MB Sprinter chassis cab until the end of 2013, Omnibus-Trading now presents the 20-seater version named “Panoramique” with an MB Sprinter chassis (delivery van version). It boasts a “hard top” roof, which, even closed, offers the advantage of a perfect panoramic view, and there is the option of using heated, laminated and tinted glass. Consideration has also been given, even in the standard model, to preparations for transporting wheelchairs (model for persons with reduced mobility). The Panoramique is equipped with rollover protection, which is mandatory for M2 vehicles from 1/1/2014. Besides 3 diesel engines, also available with a 240-hp, 6-cylinder petrol engine. 

Presenting: Amphicruiser 
21 augustus 2013 "Sunny" The World first: new 9 seater covertibel wit electric retractible hard top on MB Sprinter basis, to be presented at Busworld 2013 

A 9-seater minibus is a little unusual for Omnibus-Trading. But given that a 19-seater Sunset Cabrio on an MB Sprinter chassis and a 30-seater Sunrise Cabrio on an Iveco Daily chassis had already been launched on the market, it was a logical continuation to build a compact yet still very comfortable 9-seater convertible model. For now exclusively available on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, this “Sunny” can be driven by anyone who holds a BE driving licence. It comes as standard with, among other things, an aircon unit for both driver and passengers, Individual adjustable Noco seats designed for the SMART FLOOR, audio and, of course, the electric “hard top” roof, which even closed offers an unparalleled panoramic view and obviously leaves open the possibility of using this new progeny all year round. The optionals available include a package for persons with reduced mobility with space for at least one wheelchair, special rims, a Data Vox system and an electric service door. With this minibus, Omnibus-Trading is making a new dimension in passenger transport accessible to a broad public.


01 mei 2013  
01 mei 2013  
03 januari 2013 New Sunrider series 2, model 2013 on Mercedes-Benz O818 Vario chassis 
Although the Merceces O818 Vario chassis will be out of production medio August 2013, Omnibus-Trading will release its series 2 of the Sunrider as a 27+1+1 touring version starting from February this year . Besides a very spacious luggage boot, the new Sunrider will obe available with a wide variaty of standard features, such as dvd, audio, reclining leather seats, luggage racks, airconditioning and heating in a combined roof unit, extre tinted double glazing, LED interior lights, etc. As an option there will be a second entrance door behind the rear axle available. 
03 november 2012 Omnibus-Trading goes to Birmingham 

Omnibus-Trading goes to Birmingham. During the 6-8/11 Autobus Expo in the NEC (stand J50 hall 5) we will present our new convertible versions with electrical operating "hard top" roof, on Mercees-Benz Sprinter (20 seater Sunset Cabrio) and Iveco Daily chassis, (32 seater Sunrise Cabrio) for the British market
11 oktober 2012 New Sunrise semi-low floor midibus on Iveco Daily 70C17 chassis 
For one of its Norwegian customers, Omnibus-Trading recently supplied the semi-low-floor model of the new Sunrise Midi on an Iveco 70C17 Daily chassis. This multifunctional midibus model is suitable for transporting both seated and standing passengers (24 seats and 12 standing spaces); it can also carry 2 wheelchairs and, if the vehicle is used for long journeys, it can also accommodate an extra-large amount of luggage. For this purpose, the entire rear section can be transformed, in next to no time, into an enormous luggage compartment into which a sizeable quantity of giant suitcases, skis and even pallets can be loaded, while keeping enough space free in the sitting area (in the middle) for 24 seated passengers. In place of the traditional double rear doors, an extra-wide single-leaf door has been chosen, though this guarantees the same optimal accessibility.     
27 september 2012 New, the Sunrise 25+1+1-seater Touring, 2013 model
Totally redesigned 28+1+1-seater Sunrise midibus on the Iveco Daily 70C17 chassis. This midibus, made almost entirely of plastic, has more luggage space (a huge 4,000 litres) than any previous model, on both an Iveco Daily and an MB Vario undercarriage. There will be 4 models available based on this new progeny: Touring, Semi Urban, Cabrio and a 32-seater school bus. The Touring model comes fully equipped even in the standard version and is fitted with every conceivable optional, such as: side-adjustable seats, extra-tinted double-glazed windows, DVD player, refrigerator, wood-effect flooring and metallic paint, etc. The Sunrise Touring can be delivered from stock, while the other 3 versions will be available from the middle of May this year.

New; Sundancer, 37+1+1 seater on Mercedes-Benz Atego 1324L 
Back again is the new 39 seater Sundancer on the original Mercedes-Benz 13.240 FOCL front engined chassis. The work horse in the OT product line. Standard version will be deliverd, including: Telma brake, air suspension (front), 39 reclining Kiel seats, DVD, Webasto heating, extra tinted double glazing, one pneumatic entrance door, audio, curtains, etc. The dimensions are (mm) L x W x H: 10000 x 2500 x 3350. The luggage capacity is: approx. 5000 ltrs.
The new Sundancer will be available fron 12/2011.
14 mei 2012 Sunset XL now also available in Hybride version 
The coach built Sunset XL 23 seater mini coach with a luggage capacity of nearly 3000 ltrs., as well as the Sunset XL Semi Urban version with a capacity of 18 seaters and 22 standies are now both available in Hybride version. Both are built on Iveco Daily 70C17 chassis.
The combination of its loading capacity with a 177 HP EEV Diesel engine and an electric engine makes the Sunset XL one of the most multifunctional enviremental minibuses of its kind
First 2 Sunrise Cabrio's for Verdun France 

The first 2 Sunrise Cabrio buses with an Iveco 70C127 Daily chassis were delivered recently to Verdun, France. These exceptional 32-seater vehicles are equipped with an electric "hard top" so that even on rainy days they can continue their services. Omnibus-Trading is herwith presenting the world first cabrio midibus equiped with a retractable hard top roof

Sunset Cabrio, the world first minibus equiped with a retractable hard top roof 
Omnibus-Trading is expanding it's minibus range with an atractive 22 seater convertible on the MB 516/519 chassis cab basis. Standard are an electric powered entrance door and a small luggage comnpartment between the axles. An electric powered soft top is available at extra charge. The Sunset Cabrio is available from December 2011. 
Omnibus-Trading is herewith presenting the world first minibus with a retractable hard top roof
New; Sunstar, 39+1+1 seater on MAN 14.290 HOCL 
New in the OT productline is the 39 seater Sunstar, which is a new model of the previous Sunstar, OT brought on the market till 2007. This rear engined midi coach one has a modern look and  can carry up till 40 seats (incl. guide).
The basic version contains: full Sutrak airco (roof), reclining coach seats with all 3 point safety belts, toilet (water), Webasto heating, extra tinted double glazing, audio, DVD with 2 screens, 2 pneumatic entrance doors, pneumatic luggage doors, central locking device, lugage racks, curtains, Retarder, full air suspension, etc. The body is built on the original 14.290 HOCL chassis. The luggage capacity is approx 7000 ltrs. Dimensions: (mm): 10500 x 2550 x 3650. The new Sunstar will be available from January 2012.
New Sunset X, the 23+1 seater Transfer

Smaller and lighter than the Sunset XL, the Sunset X offers space for 23 passengers and driver and 2500 liters of luggage (luggage boot at the rear). The standard version has airco (driver), Webasto heating, electr. powered entrance door, audio, etc. The Iveco 50C17 chassis is powered by a 170 HP, 4 cil. EEV Diesel engine, whuch uses 12 ltrs average. The G.V.W.: is 5600 KG. The Sunset X schoolbus version is available from Euro 75.000,-- (VAT not incl.)
Sunset XL Semi low floor for carrying up to 40 passengers
New is the Sunset XL semi low floor carrying up to 40 passengers (18 seaters and 22 standies), which can also be used for carrying up to 18 seaters and 7000 literss through with its easy acces rear compartment. The Sunset XL semi low floor is standard provided with airco, high back seats roll over protection, konvection heating, air suspension, Telma brake and audio. Through its fibre glass panelling its light wieghted and doesn't suffer from the usual rust problems
Euro Bus Expo, NEC, Birmingham 
International Bus Expo, Rimni 
BTB Vienna 
Persontrafik, Stockholm 

SkyLite GT First Edition (New!) See the world from your seat with comfort and luxury
Second Paniramic cabrio on MB 519 Sprinter basis, for Sightseeing Roma 

SkyLite GT, 17 seater on Mercedes-Benz 519 van basis 
SkyLite GT, on MB 519 Sprinter chassis 
Sundancer, 32 seater on Mercedes 13.24L Atego chassis 
Sunny-L, 9 seater minibus on Merceds-Benz 316 Sprinter basis (M1) 
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